Imago Tour #Sicily, is a collection of images realized in Sicily by sicilians and travelers, professional and amateur photographers who find sources of inspiration in the island’s places, in the faces or things.

The project stems from the need to reconfigure an “interior” image of Sicily that expresses the reality from a different point of view and far from the stereotypes that characterize it, offering an imaginary, multifaceted and contemporary view of the island.

Since the photography today, with its digital application, economic and democratic, is a new way of looking and, above all, to “see”, the disclosure of selected images is also a call to the analysis and research of reality moving away from classical postcard-type images.



Imago aims to contribute to the development of augmented reality by building an emotional mapping of the island through the images.


Imago wants to become a reference point for photography in Sicily, creating network and giving space and visibility to the initiatives in line with its founding spirit.


Imago hopes to be able to offer suggestions for the birth of a new visual poetry linked to the territory and culture in Sicily.


We invite photographers to submit their works. All submissions will be carefully reviewed.

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Feel free to get in touch with us if you want to collaborate in any form on building this project.


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